Vision & Mission

The analysis conducted in recent years shows that a comprehensive study of the genome will determine, in the near future, the further development of such disciplines as medicine, biotechnology and modern agriculture. That is why, the proper functioning of such units as ECBiG will affect many spheres of social and economic life. The primary justification for the funding of this project was, therefore, the scope and the validity of current and future researche, which development was, up to now, limited only by the lack of infrastructural resources.

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Gathering the whole genomic track in one place and a possibility of the connection between all levels of research (structural, functional and systematic) by direct transfer of information to the Bioinformatics laboratory will increase staff efficiency, will expand the scope of the ECBiG research as well as its impact on socio-economic environment (companies, other research institutions, etc.)..

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Running through the sequence, RNA landscaping, molecule synthesis in virtual reality, the fastest algorithms, world-known databases, high-throughput data processing - get familiar with our results! We publish in top-ranked journals within computational molecular biology, bioinformatics and life sciences.

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European Center for Bioinformatics and Genomics gathers the best researchers and students from Wielkopolska region, working in the area of biochemistry, computer science and bioinformatics. It is the only bioinformatics center in Poland, being on the national Road Map for Research Infrastructure.


The center provides fully equipped laboratory environment, specialized research instruments as well as bioinformatics resources, hardware and data collections that can support integrated research projects, undertaken by the consortium partners as well as by other national and foreign users.


European Centre for Bioinformatics and Genomics

Head: prof. dr hab. inż. Jacek Błażewicz
Phone: (61) 665-2999, (61) 665-2997


Institute of Computing Science,
Poznan University of Technology

Piotrowo 2 (Berdychowo),
Poznań, 60-965

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